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A revolutionary frame

Create your own solution.

Who is the DABSO acoustic decorative frame designed for?

Private or professional, our acoustic innovation is for everyone.

How to configure your frame?

4 steps of a rare simplicity

Acoustic problem?

We have studied a unique, ecological and easy to install frame that solves all your resonance problems.

A room that resonates, offices where many speakers speak at the same time :

These cases are encountered by thousands of people every day. Current solutions are too expensive and difficult to implement. Our engineers have therefore thought and designed a framework with exceptional acoustic properties. At frequencies 500 and 1000Hz (human voices - children's voices - music), the DABSO frame has a total absorption (αw = 1.00).

In other words, the DABSO frame has an absorption of 82 to 100%. Its performances allow to solve definitively nuisances such as echoes, resonances of children's screams, music, etc. No other decorative acoustic frame offers such results.

Dabso offers you a fine selection of works by the most famous artists in the world of photography!