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Illustration photo of the slide
Illustration photo of the slide
Illustration photo of the slide
Living room with an acoustic panel hung on the wall
Office with an acoustic panel hung on the wall
Close-up on an acoustic panel

Made-to-measure acoustic panels

Are the standard dimensions of Dabso panels not suitable for your project? Dabso can design an acoustic panel to the dimensions of your choice.

The advantages of a made-to-measure acoustic panel :

  • They are adapted to the size and configuration of your room.
  • Image and finish are customizable.
  • Dimensions of a made-to-measure frame can be up to 600x600 cm.
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Offices separated with acoustic partition walls

Our acoustic partition walls

Designed to create an optimal working environment, our walls promote concentration and well-being.

Customizable to your needs, they seamlessly integrate into any space.

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Acoustic suspended panels
Acoustic suspended panels seen from below
Materials used in a suspended acoustic panel

Our suspended acoustic panels

Enhance the acoustics of your space with our recycled PET suspended panels. Combining durability and aesthetics, these panels provide an eco-friendly solution to improve the sound quality of your interior.

Our PET panels are customizable. We produce these panels taking into account your criteria, such as their shape and dimensions.

This product is available in white, gray, or black.

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Living room with acoustic stretched canvas
Office with an acoustic stretched canvas
Office with an acoustic stretched canvas
Acoustic stretched canvas in cross-section

Stretch Ceilings and Wall Coverings

The acoustics of tomorrow are "invisible" acoustics!

The invisible ceilings and wall coverings from dabso have been developed to offer a solution that is both aesthetic and functional for ceiling and wall applications, both in new constructions and renovations. Due to its innovative features, it is perfectly suitable for both commercial and residential use.

Fabrics can be custom-made, and creating curved shapes poses no problem. Moreover, the coverings are printable, offering the possibility of integrated lighting (light ceiling, light strip, light table, etc.).

Moreover, the fabrics have remarkable acoustic properties, ensuring quick and efficient sound absorption.

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