Sound-absorbing dabso frame

About dabso

A frame studied and tested in an acoustic laboratory

The Dabso frame is designed to improve the acoustic comfort of your home. Thanks to its ecological absorbent made from recycled PET waste (plastic bottles), the frame eliminates any resonance problems. Our product can be hung on the wall or ceiling.

Dabso offers you the possibility to customize your frame by choosing the size, the finish and the image.
Decorative acoustic frame mounted on the wall

Composition of the dabso frame

  • • Brushed and anodised aluminium frame - thickness 50 mm
  • • Aluminium back plate - thickness 2 mm
  • • PET recycled sound absorber - thickness 50 mm
  • • Micro-perforated decorative stretched fabric

Official acoustic laboratory tested data

Acoustic performance table for DABSO frames
100% absorption of reverberation nuisance achieved.
Acoustic test
Dabso gives you the opportunity to perform an online acoustic test to measure the noise reverberation in your room. You will then know how much dabso absorbent you need to achieve optimal acoustic comfort.

A micro-perforated fabric

Printing on micro-perforated fabric provides better sound absorption.

Dabso micro-perforated fabric

Discover our finishes

Frame with aluminium finish
Frame with black finish
Frame with white finish

Don't wait any longer and configure your frame!

4 steps of rare simplicity

1. Measure your indoor acoustics.

2. Choose the dimensions of your frame.

3. Select your image

4. Home deliveries.

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Our features

Frame support screwed to the wall by hand
Quick installation
Acoustic ceiling frame
Hang your frame from the ceiling
Hand-changed decorative acoustic fabric
A 100% customizable visual
Wall-mounted decorative acoustic frame with close-up view
Quality finishing and printing

Why choose DABSO?

Respect of nature

acoustic comfort

product durability

premium performance

Eco-friendly materials